Front Mounted Toolbox
Spec W D H
1500kg / 540 litres 1650mm 820mm 670mm

Personalised Name Plate Option

Complete with stickered chevrons

3 Point Linkage Implement Shifter

3 Point Linkage Implement Shifter

Adapter Plates / Interfaces

Loader/Handler headstock conversion plates, including three point linkage options.

Heavy Duty Winch
3.5 Tonne
8.0 Tonne
13.0 Tonne


Extending Lifting Jib – 3 tonne rated
Bag Lifter
Capacity Weight
4 x 600kg bags 272kg
Grain Pusher
Width Length Weight
7' 6" (2.31m) 3m 440kg
7' 6" (2.31m) 4m 490kg
7' 6" (2.31m) 5m 555kg
7' 6" (2.31m) 6m 615kg
7' 6" (2.31m) 7m 660kg
Complete with rubber edge (extra)    

NO TOUCH Pedal Operated
Hand Sanitisers

Give your staff peace of mind and confidence in the new hygiene levels required.

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